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About Us

What is dcypher

A camp run by gamers for gamers

DCYPHER is a 4 day camp for those who love their computer a little too much!  We set up a network and game each night until the wee hours of the morning.  During the day we have various challenges and activities that will put your mind (and sometimes body) to the test. The camp is run by an organisation called Scripture Union (SU) Australia. SU is a Christian organisation that runs camps/school programs for youth and families in over 130 countries. DCYPHER has been running in Tassie for over 15 years and the staff and leaders come from all over the state to make it happen.

What sort of things will we be doing?

Each night we’ll be playing games such as Spellbreak, Beyond All Reason, Xonotic, and TrackMania (all free!). We also get into some weird and wonderful board games that you’re unlikely to buy from your local Kmart/Big W.

Will there be religious stuff

Not if we can help it…

The camp is run and supervised by Christians from different churches around the state. Each of these guys believes its really important to think for yourself about what you value in life and also what you believe. A small part of DCYPHER (about 30mins) is set aside to have a chat about some life issues and give us all a chance to chew some stuff over.  It’s certainly not about being preached at.

we promise not to smack you over the head with a bible

We are there to have heaps of fun but because we see this as an important part of life we’ve included it in the program.


What do I need to know about DCYPHER

give me the lowdown

  • Where is it

    Blue Lagoon –  Bally Park Rd, Dodges Ferry

  • When is it

    13th July (11am) – 16th July (2pm), 2024

  • Who can come

    Grades 9-12 (Guys & Girls)

  • Cost

    $230 (includes fun + food + accomodation)

A few questions you might have

Do I need a computer?

Well, yes… and no… We usually have a couple of ‘spare’ computers there for people who don’t have their own but it is a camp for serious gamers so you have to be very very keen to come if you don’t have your own system.

If you don’t have a computer you’ll need to let us know prior to camp to reserve a ‘spare’. It’s first come, first served.

What sort of computer do I need?

We play reasonably intensive games so you need to have a fairly decent computer… you can get away with as little as an i3, 8GB of RAM, DirectX 11 capable graphics card, at least 50GB free hard drive space and working LAN connection. You’ll also need to bring a monitor, keyboard, mouse and headphones. No speakers!

How much stuff can I bring?

Apart from the above listed items, and general clothing, bedding and toiletries – you won’t need to bring a great deal. You can bring your own computer chair though (if you have room in the car!) You should also bring a few extra $$ to buy drinks and snacks.

What can’t I bring?

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco products (these are ‘send-homeable’ offences), more than one screen (I know, it will be hard – but you’ll be OK!), your couch, fridge, waffle maker, air conditioner, George Foreman (man or machine), speakers, desk lamps, bookshelves or heaters (please note that this list is NOT exhaustive!). The reason behind this is that you will have limited (but enough) desk/chair space AND limited (but enough) power. If you go plugging waffle makers in then you could blow the circuit, and then everyone will be angry with you!

Please also consider NOT bringing mp3 players as they are an easy target for theft.  Also, as there will be a canteen at the camp, you may not bring soft drinks to camp.

Will there be internet?

In short, no.  In long, no   😉

Do I have to bring powerboards and network cables?

You will have 2 power plugs to use (monitor and computer). If you require any more than this then you will need to bring a powerboard. Having said that, the extra plugs may only be used for devices that have a very small power drain (like phone chargers). We will also provide network cables.

Will there be food and drink available while we’re gaming?

Yup. You will be able to buy cans (usally a good range including coke/coke zero, squash, lemonade, creaming soda etc). We will also have snack food for sale from the canteen (chippies, chocolate). There is also coffee…. lots of coffee.



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DCYPHER July 13-16, 2024

Blue Lagoon (Dodges Ferry)


03 6244 8422